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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Textures for Sensory

Make play time a great time for sensory exploration, therapy, or rehabilitation with our fun products featuring a variety of Textures. This curated selection of products offer great tactile sensory solutions. You'll find sand play sets, Bumpas, hot and cold gel animals, sensory shapes, and more.


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  • Purrble™

    Item # 43503

    Price $74.00

    Purrble is an interactive plush companion that helps children calm themselves down and bounce back...

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  • Tactile Ball Match

    Item # 43326

    Price $80.00

    Match the 9 pairs of tactile and visual balls by texture or color. Encourages sensory exploration,...

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  • Empathy Cat

    Item # 43309

    Price $101.00

    Gently pet and stroke this adorable empathy cat for a calming sensory experience. This soothing...

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  • Gel Fish

    Item # 43311

    Price $23.75

    wim with the fishes – gel fishes that is! These bright and colorful fish shaped gel pads are a...

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  • Mox- Set of 3

    Item # 43324

    Price $41.50

    Flexible friend, fantastic fidget and super stacker.  Suitable for all ages, Mox is a tactile...

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  • Contrast Comforter

    Item # 43327

    Price $35.50

    Soft and comforting blanket serves many purposes. Use the side with soft bumps for tactile input and...

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  • Suction Sphere

    Item # 43350

    Price $20.75

    Supersize your fun with these super strong suction cups which cover a 5” ball. The suction...

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  • Rolla Chews

    Item # 42518

    Price $53.25

    This innovative, gear-shaped oral and tactile fidget offers a 360  degree surface for sensory...

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  • Fidgipod

    Item # 43317

    Price $21.75

    Get instant sensory stimulation and input with these highly popular fidgipods. Useful for anyone who...

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  • Mini Roller XL

    Item # 43296

    Price $14.50

    Roll this palm-sized red fidget between your fingers for instant sensory stimulation. Alternating...

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  • Gel Clock

    Item # 43312

    Price $78.50

    Beautifully designed sensory gel clock includes movable discs to help children learn about and track...

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  • Theo the Therapy Dog

    Item # 43304

    Price $71.00

    This soft and cuddly therapy lapdog makes a great comforting companion. Slightly weighted, this...

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