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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Sensory Balls

Sensory Balls offer a great option for tactile stimulation. Our range of sensory solutions feature products geared towards exploratory play, rehabilitation, and therapy. Shop stress balls, textured sensory shapes and balls, puffer balls, jingle and giggle balls, and more.


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  • FlagHouse® Keepers! Sensory Ball Set

    Item # 80597

    Price $176.00

    Value set includes an assortment of sensory balls to engage the senses and enhance tactile...

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  • Fidget Ball Set

    Item # 43177

    Price $17.75

    These hand sized, flock covered fidget balls will help keep busy and anxious minds focused. Velvety...

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  • Soft Sensory Ball Set

    Item # 43172

    Price $63.75

    Sensory seekers will enjoy this set of 6 brightly colored, flock covered sensory balls. Velvety to...

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  • Glow in the Dark Sensory Ball

    Item # 42957

    Price $24.50

    The nubby texture of this glow in the dark sensory ball provides visual stimulation and tactile...

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  • Sensory Balls

    Item # 42938

    Price $71.50

    This 9 piece mega set of balls covers a wide range of sensory integration needs including tactile...


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  • Lights and Sounds Ball Set

    Item # 41503

    Price $96.25

    The balls in this set bounce, light up, or make fun sounds! Set includes: Rattle Ball, Small Boing...

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  • Moji Stress Balls

    Item # 42745

    Price $51.75

    Squeeze your stress away with these cheerful, soft colorful balls. Latex free. Set of twelve. ...

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  • Bolli Ball

    Item # 19445

    Price $11.50

    The Bolli ball is easy to hold and great for stretching, manipulating, and tossing. Dishwasher and...

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  • Sensory Shapes

    Item # 42207

    Price $31.00

    Build, stack or roll these colorful, knobby textured blocks and rounds. The texture stimulate the...


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  • Rainbow Tactile Ball

    Item # 19223R

    Price $25.25

    Easy to catch, hold and throw. They can be individually inflated, are easy to grip, thanks to the...

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  • Rattle Ball

    Item # 41431

    Price $18.75

    Shake, rattle and roll this colorful ball! Soft gel exterior is removable, allowing you to open up...

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  • Boing Ball - Small

    Item # 41432

    Price $19.25

    Watch this white rubber ball change color when you give it a squeeze! It’s filled with 6...

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