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Interactive Panels for Snoezelen® MSE

Interactive Panels offer great tactile stimulation and often visual, auditory, and/or sometimes aromatic experiences as well. Whether you're aiming to build a calming sensory room or a therapeutic space, our interactive panels will make a great addition to your Snoezelen MSE. Shop scented wall panels, sound to light panels, fireworks panels, mirrored panels, and more.


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  • Interactive Light Table

    Item # 42463

    Price $704.00

    Stimulate vision and touch with this multi-function light table. Incorporate sensory play with...

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  • Mega Pod v.2

    Item # 42500

    Price $7,800.00

    This interactive panel combines touch and sound technology to encourage interaction and focus....


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  • Snow Panel

    Item # 20132R

    Price $2,446.00

    Attractive and interactive! White feathers “dance” inside the panel replicating snow,...

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  • Magic Cloud

    Item # 21160R

    Price $346.00

    Multi-purpose, with educational, therapeutic and play value. Attach a tag to an object of your...

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  • Interactive Aroma Panel

    Item # 20943R

    Price $1,366.00

    Activate smells, colors, sounds and breezes for aromatic, visual, audible and tactile stimulation....

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  • Sound to Light Panel

    Item # 20942R

    Price $2,575.00

    This sound-responsive wall panel is designed to be used by people with visual impairment or limited...

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  • Catherine Wheel Wall Panel

    Item # 41578

    Price $2,661.00

    LED lights shine bright in a brilliant array of colors! Features fireworks sounds and 10 brilliant...

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  • Single Panel Porter

    Item # 41459

    Price $1,136.00

    Helps you transport your panel from room to room. Easy to push and can be parked if necessary. 49"H...

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  • Color Match Panel

    Item # 41174

    Price $2,575.00

    Interactive panel stimulates the visual and auditory senses, helps teach cause/ effect, and aids...


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  • Color Changing Panel

    Item # 39327

    Price $2,304.00

    Delight your client’s visual and auditory senses with this color changing panel with bright...

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  • Infinity and Beyond Panel

    Item # 37697

    Price $2,439.00

    Create up to 49 visually stunning infinity effects by selecting from a number of shapes, colors,...

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