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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Core 4 - Balance and Core Strength

Create a specialized, therapeutic sensory room in your school or clinic with FlagHouse's wide selection of balance, coordination, and core strength products - allowing children to participate more fully and successfully. Activate tactile perception from sole stimulation when barefoot with our Rainbow River Stones - featuring an anti-slip surface for stability and safety. Your sensory room would also benefit from added tools like the Wavy Tactile Path providing children with multiple ways of playing. As well as the Airex Balance Pad - an effective destabilizing therapy aid suitable for balance and reaction training, mobility and stability training, and more.


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  • Floor Surfer

    Item # 42901

    Price $176.00

    The Floor Surfer is a roller board designed for play and therapy. Similar to a scooter board, you...


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  • Tactile Curve Path

    Item # 42736

    Price $326.00

    Watch children gain confidence as they maneuver the twists and turns of the tactile curved...

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  • Tactile Straight Path

    Item # 42735

    Price $281.00

    Build a strong foundation in balance skills with this tactile straight path. The textured surface...

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  • Taxi Roller

    Item # 42622

    Price $443.00

    Enhance muscle strength, coordination and movement control with this colorful, fun roller. Shift...

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  • Rainbow River Stones

    Item # 42739

    Price $355.00

    Enhance motor skills and balance coordination while having fun. Activate tactile perception from...

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  • Whally Board

    Item # 42626 BLU

    Price $170.00

    Inspired by fish jumping out of water, young children will have hours of fun rocking and balancing...

  • Round Seesaw

    Item # 42615

    Price $274.00

    This round seesaw amuses and delights while providing great balance challenges as it moves in all...

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  • FlagHouse Ultimate Rocker Board

    Item # 41124

    Price $363.00

    Connect up to 4 pieces for the ultimate rocking experience! Adaptable design adds variety to your...

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  • River Path Set

    Item # 39485

    Price $377.00

    Just go with this flow and you’ll find your balance! With the steady stream of paths, bridges,...


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  • Rocking Disk

    Item # 6890

    Price $258.00

    Can be used alone or by 2 or more to build teamwork and cooperation along with balance skills. Made...


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  • Balance Square - Large

    Item # 6414

    Price $114.00

    Extra-large surface is ideal for balance activities while in sitting, kneeling, or standing...


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  • FitBall® Balance Stones

    Item # 36646

    Price $73.75

    These versatile, multicolored, textured activity stones are a great way to improve core stability by...

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