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Noise Reduction for Sensory Needs

Some sources of noise can create sensory overload. FlagHouse carries a variety of noise reduction devices to calm or prevent overstimulation. Noise cancelling headphones provide a calming buffer between users and outside noises. Some of our headphone selection plays music or broadcast nature sounds designed to calm and regulate. Stationary sound machines provide a soothing experience while at home, school, or office.


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  • Ear Defenders- Adult

    Item # 43187

    Price $33.50

    Larger sized ear defenders can help older children and adults avoid sensory overload and audible...

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  • NoiseOff

    Item # 42952

    Price $32.25

    Create an environment that supports reading, studying, and focusing by using the NoiseOff device to...

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  • Glow to Sleep

    Item # 42659

    Price $65.75

    Musical soother with calming sounds and soft lights! Sounds included: babbling brook, car ride,...

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  • Ear Defenders

    Item # 41604

    Price $49.25

    Perfect for those with sensitive ears! These adjustable earmuffs will dampen down sounds for...

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  • b-Calm GP

    Item # 40420

    Price $231.00

    Get this practical intervention tool, designed to relax and calm those with sensory challenges! The...

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  • Dohm Classic® Sound Machine

    Item # 41132

    Price $113.00

    Lightweight and economical white noise machine creates a soft, soothing sound that helps block out...


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  • MARSONA® Sound Machine

    Item # 41133

    Price $223.00

    Discover a sense of calm by controlling the unwanted sounds in your environment! Choose from eight...

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