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Cooperative Play for PE

Encourage students to work together with our selection of Cooperative Play products. In cooperative play, everyone wins, as users work together to achieve a common goal. Shop play equipment like seesaws, products from Thumball, challenge course tasks from Project Adventure, and other great cooperative activities.


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  • All About You Thumball™

    Item # 71646

    Price $22.50

    The 4" All About You? Thumball is a fun, innovative way for people to get acquainted.  It...

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  • Balanza® Seesaw

    Item # 42296

    Price $554.00

    A wonderful portable seesaw to encourage movement, co-operative skills, social play and team work....

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  • Beam Potpourri

    Item # 71498

    Price $420.00

    Instantly popular with PA Trainers, this exciting prop truly presents a potpourri of adventure...

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  • Blindfold Set of 15

    Item # 14489

    Price $56.25

    There’s no peeking with these soft blindfolds! Ideal for cooperative and trust activities,...

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  • Canvas Group Walkers

    Item # 14928

    Price $40.50

    Four-person cooperative/team-building activity! These soft, safe walkers are great for beginners and...

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  • Catch and Balance Band Set

    Item # 80157

    Price $83.75

    Teamwork is a must for this fun activity. Participants must work together to move the included ball...


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  • Connectiles

    Item # 12799

    Price $53.25

    Connectiles is a highly interactive activity that will motivate your group to work as a team by...

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  • Count Me In Book

    Item # 71623

    Price $43.00

    by Mark Collard More than 140, plus variations, of the most successful icebreakers, energizers,...

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  • Cycletime Puzzle

    Item # 11929

    Price $559.00

    Cycle Time is an intense challenge that thoroughly tests a group's ability to solve complex...

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  • Dual Walker - Pr

    Item # 1228

    Price $82.50

    Dual Walkers reinforce teamwork, coordination, and communication! Walk by using hand ropes to lift...


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  • Fisherman's Tangle

    Item # 11546

    Price $273.00

    This exciting cooperative activity will leave your students hooked! Any fisherman is familiar with...

    ActivityGuide Video

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  • FlagHouse Activity Blocks

    Item # 15131

    Price $133.00

    Lightweight foam blocks are great for relay races, balancing, stacking, creating teams—the...


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