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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

PE Aquatic Water Activities

Plan memorable Water Activities with FlagHouse's collection of aquatic equipment. Basketball hoops, floating practice greens, and volleyball sets offer athletic pool experiences. While, floating game boards, noodle sets, and more present enjoyable, alternative pool activities. Inflatable multi-person tubes and towables offer fun options for less-restricted waterways.


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  • Spikebuoy

    Item # 80313

    Price $44.50

    Play Spikeball on the water! Attach Spikebuoy to the standard or pro Spikeball set, fi ll the...

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  • 3 pc Aluminum Paddleboard Paddle

    Item # 19824

    Price $102.00

    This 3-piece aluminum adjustable paddle features an ergonomic handle and comfort grip making your...

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  • Cooper Wet Volley™ Outdoor Volleyball

    Item # 8085 AST

    Price $28.00

    Play in water or on land. Water-friendly, neoprene-covered ball is great for beach or pool play....

  • Splash & Shoot

    Item # 17790

    Price $443.00

    Practice your slam dunk in the pool! Features up to a 52"H, compact 200-lb. water-filled base,...

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  • Splash & Slam

    Item # 17795

    Price $1,147.00

    Bring the action of basketball to the pool! Features reinforced 30" x 44" poly backboard with 2' of...

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  • Slam Volley Set

    Item # 17800

    Price $881.00

    Everything you need for a game of volleyball in the pool! Easy-to-set up, portable set includes 2...

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  • Large Volume Hand Pump

    Item # 15449

    Price $36.25

    This durable ABS plastic hand pump with universal valve is perfect for inflating or deflating boats,...

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  • RacerX

    Item # 15198

    Price $576.00

    You’ll have a blast on this swift-moving, inflatable towable. The RacerX features the...

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  • Water Volleyball Set

    Item # 8528

    Price $333.00

    Takes just minutes to set up and get the games started! Regulation size Pool Volleyball set,...

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  • Water Noodle Set - Set of 35

    Item # 8052

    Price $117.00

    Great as an exercise aid or for just plain fun pool games for kids! Made from buoyant, lightweight...


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    Item # 3893

    Price $1,187.00

    The toughest water basketball system available! Built to last with a 100% UV-treated polyethylene...

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  • Arm Floats

    Item # 2283

    Price $10.25

    Specifically designed for children, these floats will not slide downward without force. Plugs must...

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