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At FlagHouse, we collaborate with educators, therapists, professionals to find the right solution, with the right product to fit your needs. Our goal is to help children and adults learn, play safely, exercise, and have fun.

Bullying Awareness

FlagHouse's Activity-based Bullying Awareness and Prevention Program called "Play Well With Others...Be Active Against Bullying!" promotes and supports bullying-prevention programs around the country. Its focus is on children actively playing and learning together in a cooperative environment. The program includes FREE educational resource materials in addition to games and activities that are designed to promote cooperation and bullying prevention. FlagHouse has also designed a line of orange products to promote children actively playing together and fostering teamwork.

Health & Nutrition

  • CATCH® - CATCH creates an environment that improves children's health, increases academic success, and supports a lifetime of wellness.
  • Exercise & Fitness

Special Needs

When it comes to understanding how best to reach out to children and adults with Special Needs, the FlagHouse team is unmatched in experience, understanding, and compassion. We offer a large selection of products and services for your home, school, or facility. We specialize in designing and equipping Multi-Sensory Environments and Sensory Spaces to meet any budget.

We bring innovative and safe tools for learning, therapy, and physical activity for Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech and Language Pathologists:

Snoezelen® MSE/ Sensory Spaces

FlagHouse offers full consultation, design, installation and training services of sensory spaces. Our dedicated team is there from start to finish to ensure complete satisfaction of your project.  From schools to long term care facilities and from autism to dementia; FlagHouse has been bringing Snoezelen MSE® to those that need it across North America for over twenty years. For more information or to see how we can help you , please contact us at 800.265.6900.

Team Building & Cooperative Play

FlagHouse offers games and activities that promote team building and cooperation. These activities can improve developmental skills such as: personal and group responsibility, self-discovery and relationship building, communication and collaboration, problem solving, and respect for individual differences.