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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

At Home Music Activities for SEL

Learning, whether in school or at home, happens in more ways than just formal training. Subjects like music and art not only help develop brain patterns and logic, but also provide an outlet for understanding emotions, inclusivity and social cues. Music is crucial to developing soft skills such as self-awareness, relationship-building, empathy and creativity and FlagHouse wants to ensure that all kids have the opportunity to get a great musical education even if they have to do so at home. Our at home music activities, such as percussion instruments, dance games, bells and stepping sounds, are all ideal products to keep in the home and encourage musical play and learning – all while having a blast!


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  • Band in a Box

    Item # 37937

    Price $43.00

    These brilliantly colored, finely crafted instruments are ideal for play and teaching beat, tempo,...

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  • BoomWhacker OCTAVATOR® Caps

    Item # 34482

    Price $17.75

    Triple the tones you can create with your BoomWhackers (W36032) with these sturdy plastic caps....

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  • BoomWhacker Tubes

    Item # 36032

    Price $43.75

    Each of these multi-length plastic tubes plays a different musical note of the diatonic scale (the...

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  • Colored Rhythm Stick Kit

    Item # 9883

    Price $57.75

    Promote eye/hand coordination...improve listening skills, directionality, and balance. Your students...

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  • Dance Charades

    Item # 80046

    Price $32.50

    You have a 40 second song clip to dance out as many of the dance charades cards as you can. You get...

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  • Drum Stools- Adult

    Item # 43335

    Price $466.00

    Unique Cajon drum seats are wonderful for teaching music skills, collaborative learning...

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  • Flower Sticks

    Item # 9456

    Price $43.00

    Flip it, spin it, twirl it! Perfectly balanced flower sticks are made of solid wood dowels covered...

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  • Fun with Juggling Scarves DVD

    Item # 18092

    Price $28.00

    Instructor Mike Vondruska uses scarves to teach juggling! Includes three nylon scarves. Students...

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  • Giant Drum

    Item # 43333

    Price $1,369.00

    Drum up some fun group music therapy with this giant drum. Up to 8 users can sit around and tap...

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  • Giant Piano Stepper

    Item # 37960

    Price $85.00

    More than just a piano mat, this musical stepper can also play seven other instruments: vibraphone,...


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  • Handbells

    Item # 18251

    Price $81.50

    Each brightly colored handbell rings a different note - an eight-note diatonic set! Great for...

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  • Handheld Drum

    Item # 8198

    Price $96.25

    These are the same high-quality band pieces we offer in our sets. Add on or include new instruments...

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