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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Cooperative Play Games

There’s no doubt that kids learn through play, and structured games offer not just fun but educational opportunities across multiple disciplines. Developing social and emotional skills is one area where games really help but often, competitive games can be frustrating or disheartening. Teaching kids to work together fosters a spirit of teamwork and empathy that can propel them into a lifetime of emotional success and stability. At FlagHouse, our cooperative games give kids a chance to learn together in the spirit of teamwork. Grab one of our learning kits, thumballs or cooperative play games today!


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  • Funny Face Balls

    Item # 80340

    Price $57.75

    These brightly colored Funny Face Balls are great for kicking, throwing, catching, and shooting....

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  • Classroom Money Kit - Canadian Currency

    Item # 43026

    Price $91.00

    Realistic play Canadian currency offers users an opportunity to learn all about money, including...

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  • Classroom Money Kit - US Currency

    Item # 43025

    Price $75.50

    Realistic play US currency offers users an opportunity to learn all about money, including coin and...

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  • Catch and Balance Band Set

    Item # 80157

    Price $88.50

    Teamwork is a must for this fun activity. Participants must work together to move the included ball...


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  • My Feelings™ Game

    Item # 42341

    Price $44.25

    This educational, therapist-endorsed board game encourages children to explore their emotions and...

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  • Time Activity Mat

    Item # 41791

    Price $72.50

    Toss cubes and move clock hands with this engaging time-telling game! This activity mat reinforces...

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  • Noodle Slices

    Item # 17748

    Price $62.25

    Great for relay races, color recognition, creating teams, and more! Use these soft foam circles for...

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  • Count Me In Book

    Item # 71623

    Price $45.50

    by Mark Collard More than 140, plus variations, of the most successful icebreakers, energizers,...

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  • Partner Bands

    Item # 15673

    Price $48.00

    Promote teamwork and fun for up to 12 participants! These colored arm and leg bands feature...

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  • The Bears Cards

    Item # 71565

    Price $96.25

    Talking about feelings is one of the cornerstones of emotional literacy. Here are 48 colourful,...

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  • Canvas Group Walkers

    Item # 14928

    Price $43.00

    Four-person cooperative/team-building activity! These soft, safe walkers are great for beginners and...

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  • Blindfold Set of 15

    Item # 14489

    Price $59.50

    There’s no peeking with these soft blindfolds! Ideal for cooperative and trust activities,...

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