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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Cooperative Play Games

There’s no doubt that kids learn through play, and structured games offer not just fun but educational opportunities across multiple disciplines. Developing social and emotional skills is one area where games really help but often, competitive games can be frustrating or disheartening. Teaching kids to work together fosters a spirit of teamwork and empathy that can propel them into a lifetime of emotional success and stability. At FlagHouse, our cooperative games give kids a chance to learn together in the spirit of teamwork. Grab one of our learning kits, thumballs or cooperative play games today!


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  • All About You Thumball™

    Item # 71646

    Price $23.75

    The 4" All About You? Thumball is a fun, innovative way for people to get acquainted.  It...

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  • What If _? Thumball™

    Item # 71645

    Price $23.75

    The 6" What If ______? Thumball is a great way for groups of people to share ideas, experiences,...

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  • The Meuse

    Item # 18323

    Price $229.00

    Originally, The Meuse was only an installed or custom built low element for a challenge course....


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  • Leap Frog

    Item # 18393

    Price $147.00

    Leap Frog gets up to 14 participants planning, working, and moving together. In this team challenge...


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  • Who Are You? Thumball™

    Item # 71613

    Price $23.75

    The 4" Who Are You? Thumball provides fun questions about likes, dislikes, and experiences allow...

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  • Count Me In Book

    Item # 71623

    Price $45.50

    by Mark Collard More than 140, plus variations, of the most successful icebreakers, energizers,...

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  • Wildside Kit

    Item # 71551

    Price $3,403.00

    Take a walk on the Wild Side - A Mohawk Walk! A Wild Woosey! A Tension Traverse! A Team Triangle!...

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  • Beam Potpourri

    Item # 71498

    Price $444.00

    Instantly popular with PA Trainers, this exciting prop truly presents a potpourri of adventure...

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  • Game Frame With Web

    Item # 74020

    Price $561.00

    A must for any Adventure program! This freestanding frame supports a variety of team-building...

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  • Keypunch Kit

    Item # 74027

    Price $141.00

    Since its first presentation, Keypunch has proved to be an incredibly versatile and popular...


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  • Connectiles

    Item # 12799

    Price $56.25

    Connectiles is a highly interactive activity that will motivate your group to work as a team by...

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  • Mass Pass Deluxe

    Item # 11945

    Price $295.00

    These fast-paced, high-energy activities involve communication, teamwork, and planning skills. Each...

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