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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Board & Cards Games for SEL

Board games, card games and other fun intrapersonal activities make learning fun for kids, but they also serve many more important purposes. Developing reasoning skills, empathy and understanding of others’ perspective are key elements of board games that encourage social and emotional learning. Kids discover feelings, communication techniques and self-awareness all through interactive fun. Shop all games including cards, board games, giant games and travel games here at FlagHouse!


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  • ABC Monster

    Item # 42504

    Price $63.75

    Feed the ABC monster letter discs, that once inside the mouth, slide through a channel and are...

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  • Send a Message

    Item # 42478

    Price $63.75

    This playful send-a-message board game develops many language and communication skills by enabling...

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  • Memo Game

    Item # 42510

    Price $44.50

    Reinforce values like gender equality, tolerance, respect, good behavior and more with this...

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  • Dictate & Shape

    Item # 42505

    Price $51.75

    A visual dictation game that consists of forming a complex figure from simple pieces by following...

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  • Kooba Lite

    Item # 19950

    Price $76.25

    Kooba is a cutting edge target game with a brand new play action combining the dexterity of darts...

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  • Floor Stand Kit

    Item # 18123

    Price $47.00

    Easily converts tabletop model wheel into a floor stand version. Compatible with Item 14783....

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  • CARROM® Game Board

    Item # 15620

    Price $87.25

    Plays 100+ games! This 3/4"-thick solid wood frame game board will keep players busy for hours with...

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  • Card Holder - Set of 4

    Item # 39510

    Price $73.25

    Put (and keep) all your cards on the table with this card holder! This fan-shaped playing card...

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  • RISK

    Item # 944

    Price $55.50

    Rally your armies to march across continents. Carefully craft your strategy—you’ll face...

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  • Giant Bingo Cards

    Item # 83060

    Price $47.25

    8" x 9" cards are made of heavy stock for longer wear and feature easier-to-read 3/4"H numbers. Set...

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  • Electronic Dartboard Set

    Item # 8188

    Price $93.25

    Dartboard has a four-player scoring display and lets you select from four games. Features sound...

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  • Perfection

    Item # 3870

    Price $40.00

    Board games can be a fun reward or a nice change for students with special needs. Perfection is a...

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