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Call us at 800.265.6900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Sensory Path Stickers

Hop, skip, and jump your way to building sensory pathways with our line of Sensory Path decals. Help kids develop balance skills and hand-eye coordination with these creative, colorful, and durable floor stickers – great for hallways, classrooms, or other active learning spaces. Help children refuel and refocus with a sensory play brain break. Stickers are made of adhesive vinyl, designed especially for floors and walls, and are covered with a protective anti-slip coating. Each set comes with layout ideas to help inspire you to create an engaging active space!


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  • Step Stones™

    Item # 43456

    Price $181.00

    Step by step, children of all ages create their own unique sensory experience with these colorful,...

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  • March Ants™

    Item # 43462

    Price $659.00

    Attention! Students set the pace throughout hallways, classrooms, and active learning spaces as...

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  • Daisy Hopscotch™

    Item # 43458

    Price $429.00

    Allow students to refuel and refocus with a hop, skip and a jump! This colorful, versatile and...

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  • Hop Letters and Shapes™

    Item # 43461

    Price $626.00

    Students hop from letter to letter and dance from shape to shape for a dynamic, and matchless...

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  • Wall Push-Up™

    Item # 43457

    Price $245.00

    Bring active play to hallways, classrooms or any learning space using these colorful, versatile...

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  • Jump Logs™

    Item # 43460

    Price $239.00

    Forwards, backwards, side-to-side! Give curious minds and restless bodies a chance to refuel and...

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  • Application Kit

    Item # 42458

    Price $37.00

    Adhere floor and wall sticker activity sets securely and efficiently with this application kit....

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  • Crab Crawl™

    Item # 43459

    Price $330.00

    Customize any hallway, classroom or active learning space with this unique, colorful, versatile...

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  • March Ants™ Mini

    Item # 43463

    Price $163.00

    Restless bodies march to the beat of their own drum with March Ants™ Mini. Students are...

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  • Nature Path™- Mini

    Item # 43275

    Price $1,780.00

    Create amazing sensory paths and sensory stations with these colorful and versatile indoor floor...


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