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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Project Adventure Props & Packs

Build teamwork and communication with games, props, and activity sets from Project Adventure. Full of fun, these activities get groups working together to solve problems and challenge themselves. Perfect for College & University Team Building Programs, Youth Team Building Programs, Corporate Team Building, and more!


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  • 52 Card Pick Up Set

    Item # 71607

    Price $43.00

    52 Pick-Up is PA’s favorite mingling activity and gets the whole group moving, talking to one...

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  • Numbered Spots (1-30)

    Item # 71179

    Price $85.75

    Numbered Spot Markers set contains numbers 1-30 on 5"" round poly spots that are durable and hand...

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  • Connectiles

    Item # 12799

    Price $56.25

    Connectiles is a highly interactive activity that will motivate your group to work as a team by...

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  • Dual Walker - Pr

    Item # 1228

    Price $87.25

    Dual Walkers reinforce teamwork, coordination, and communication! Walk by using hand ropes to lift...


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  • Project Adventure® Popcorn

    Item # 11933

    Price $96.25

    The challenge and fun begin as soon as the balls start "popping" up, bouncing, and rolling away....


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  • Project Adventure® Pipeline Kit

    Item # 11925

    Price $81.50

    Pipeline is a fast-paced game that employs physical coordination, team cooperation, communication,...


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