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Leap Frog

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Leap Frog gets up to 14 participants planning, working, and moving together. In this team challenge activity, participants attempt to move across a specified area using foam walking beams and landing discs. Every team member must work together to walk across the beam, lay down the next beam, pick up the last beam and repeat the process. Beams may be moved, but the discs must remain in place. The set includes four walking boards and eight gray stepping stones for groups up to 14, or for two groups challenging each other at the same time and longer passages across the area. Beams constructed of durable nylon over dense foam.

Leap Frog is as much a physical task as it is a problem-solving task. Participants usually jump to the physical solutions before thinking through the problem. The combination of planning and skills is the key to Leap Frog. This activity is a small group challenge that fosters teamwork, risk taking, creativity and problem-solving.

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