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Call us at 800.265.6900 if there is anything we can do to help you!

Cooperative Play

Help students thrive and navigate the world more effectively with FlagHouse's selection of Cooperative Play for PE. Through Cooperative Play, everyone wins, working together to solve problems and achieve a common goal. Great for educational and recreational settings, our cooperative play sets include large-scale and small group options like seesaws, Thumballs, and exciting cooperative challenge activities from a partnership between FlagHouse and Project Adventure. Whether you want to encourage exploration and recognition of emotions and social responses with the Social Emotion Kit; or promote agility, coordination, endurance, and rhythm with our elastic Jump Bands, we have the cooperative play tool for you.


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  • Count Me In Book

    Item # 71623

    Price $45.50

    by Mark Collard More than 140, plus variations, of the most successful icebreakers, energizers,...

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  • Connectiles

    Item # 12799

    Price $56.50

    Connectiles is a highly interactive activity that will motivate your group to work as a team by...

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  • Project Adventure® Popcorn

    Item # 11933

    Price $96.50

    The challenge and fun begin as soon as the balls start "popping" up, bouncing, and rolling away....


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  • Project Adventure® Pipeline Kit

    Item # 11925

    Price $81.50

    Pipeline is a fast-paced game that employs physical coordination, team cooperation, communication,...


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