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Cooperative Play

Help students thrive and navigate the world more effectively with FlagHouse's selection of Cooperative Play for PE. Through Cooperative Play, everyone wins, working together to solve problems and achieve a common goal. Great for educational and recreational settings, our cooperative play sets include large-scale and small group options like seesaws, Thumballs, and exciting cooperative challenge activities from a partnership between FlagHouse and Project Adventure. Whether you want to encourage exploration and recognition of emotions and social responses with the Social Emotion Kit; or promote agility, coordination, endurance, and rhythm with our elastic Jump Bands, we have the cooperative play tool for you.


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  • The Meuse

    Item # 18323

    Price $217.00

    Originally, The Meuse was only an installed or custom built low element for a challenge course....


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  • Hitchhiker

    Item # 18321

    Price $279.00

    FlagHouse and Project Adventure have partnered up to create this unique and exciting cooperative...

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  • Leap Frog

    Item # 18393

    Price $139.00

    Leap Frog gets up to 14 participants planning, working, and moving together. In this team challenge...


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  • Wildside Kit

    Item # 71551

    Price $3,219.00

    Take a walk on the Wild Side - A Mohawk Walk! A Wild Woosey! A Tension Traverse! A Team Triangle!...

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  • Beam Potpourri

    Item # 71498

    Price $420.00

    Instantly popular with PA Trainers, this exciting prop truly presents a potpourri of adventure...

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  • Game Frame With Web

    Item # 74020

    Price $531.00

    A must for any Adventure program! This freestanding frame supports a variety of team-building...

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  • Keypunch Kit

    Item # 74027

    Price $119.00

    Since its first presentation, Keypunch has proved to be an incredibly versatile and popular...


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  • Geo-Crossing

    Item # 12737

    Price $168.00

    One prop, endless possibilities! The GeoCrossing is an eye-pleasing, brain-teasing, and...


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  • Mass Pass Deluxe

    Item # 11945

    Price $279.00

    These fast-paced, high-energy activities involve communication, teamwork, and planning skills. Each...

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  • Cycletime Puzzle

    Item # 11929

    Price $559.00

    Cycle Time is an intense challenge that thoroughly tests a group's ability to solve complex...

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