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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Outdoor Games for At Home Learning

Looking for a way to bring the fun of PE class into your home and yard? FlagHouse stocks TONS of outdoor games for at home learning and fitness. Classic games like limbo and horseshoes offer nostalgic enjoyment while new activities like Spikeball and foot golf add variety to backyard fun. Turn your yard or your homeschool curriculum into the best PE class EVER with FlagHouse!


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  • Wicked Big Sports® Giant Ball Set

    Item # 80514

    Price $57.75

    The bigger the ball, the bigger the fun for everyone! Add these oversized versions of the...

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  • Wicked Big Sports® Pong

    Item # 80364

    Price $73.75

    This portable oversized pong set comes with a full-size ball and oversized cups held in place by...

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  • Soft Mini Bocce Set

    Item # 80469

    Price $47.25

    Take your aiming, shooting, and accuracy skills to the next level as you master the game of...

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  • Rollors®

    Item # 80433

    Price $73.75

    Rollors combines the fun of horseshoes, bocce ball and bowling. Combining both skill and luck,...

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  • Giant Inflatable Bowling Game

    Item # 80327

    Price $51.75

    You can set up these giant inflatable pins almost anywhere and each time invent ingenious ways to...

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  • Spikebuoy

    Item # 80313

    Price $44.50

    Play Spikeball on the water! Attach Spikebuoy to the standard or pro Spikeball set, fi ll the...

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  • Pro Series Metal Ladder Ball

    Item # 80134

    Price $90.00

    Golf toss built to last! This durable powder-coated steel ladder ball set is built to last. The...

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  • Fling-A-Ring

    Item # 19989

    Price $44.00

    A cross between horseshoes and disc golf, Fling-A-Ring’s patented design makes this a standout....

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  • Bean Bag Bucketz

    Item # 19988

    Price $88.50

    Bean Bag Bucketz is an addictive competitive game that will keep players moving and engaged. Fast...

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  • Kubb

    Item # 19779

    Price $73.75

    Kubb is horseshoes, meets bowling with bocce thrown in. Sometimes called Viking chess, the...


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  • Foot Golf

    Item # 19658

    Price $53.00

    Foot Golf combines the best of two favorite sports, golf and soccer, into one fun and exciting new...

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  • Franklin® Starter Ladder Ball

    Item # 19784

    Price $43.00

    The perfect game for a friendly competition with family and friends. The set features two sturdy...


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