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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

At Home Learning Kits

Whether you are homeschooling or just looking for exciting ways to keep your kids active, these at-home learning kits supply everything you need. From sensory products, to fitness set-ups to sports and activity packages, any one of these will keep kids (and adults) having a great time and keeping their bodies moving. All kits offer high-quality assortments of games and equipment from FlagHouse.


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  • Tactile Awareness Box

    Item # 9490

    Price $29.25

    A treasure trove of "touchy feelies"! Includes: 3" Spiky Ball Bouncy Ball Foam Ball ...


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  • Sound Solutions Box

    Item # 39063

    Price $406.00

    Features musical instruments, rhythmic tools, and musical toys. Items store neatly in the included...

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  • Soft Toss Set

    Item # 8262

    Price $132.00

    Safe and fun activities for all ability levels. Use in both large and small groups. Set includes: ...

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  • Social Emotion Kit

    Item # 43246

    Price $443.00

    Our Social Emotion Kit encourages exploration and recognition of emotions and social responses. This...

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  • Sensory Play Set

    Item # 3765

    Price $99.50

    A variety of different textures, shapes and sizes. The set includes: 3 Spike Balls - 6" 3...

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  • Sensory Play Kit 2

    Item # 43279

    Price $355.00

    Sensory Play Kit 2 comes with an array of items exclusively selected by our functional expert-...


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  • Sensory Motor Kit

    Item # 3970

    Price $223.00

    Engage the tactile sense with kit's items, from smooth surfaces to varying degrees of bumpy,...

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  • Memory Care Kit

    Item # 43231

    Price $280.00

    Wide assortment of memory care items to assist and help improve the quality of life for those with...

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  • Low Vision Kit

    Item # 43242

    Price $481.00

    Our Low Vision Kit is a great solution toward inclusion, whether your needs are for those who are...

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  • Inclusive Gymnastics Kit 3

    Item # 42992

    Price $940.00

    Jumpstart your Inclusive Gymnastics Program with this large-scale Inclusive Gymnastics Kit....


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  • Inclusive Gymnastics Kit 2

    Item # 42991

    Price $531.00

    Utilize this slightly larger Inclusive Gymnastics Kit for your Inclusive Gymnastics program....


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  • Inclusive Gymnastics Kit 1

    Item # 42990

    Price $321.00

    Get started with an Inclusive Gymnastics program with this core Inclusive Gymnastics Kit!...


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