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Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Customer Service and Sales available in English and French!

Core Stability Activities

Enhance your core stability training with FlagHouse's great selection of core targeted Activities. Individual speed chutes, exercise domes, and AbMats, offer great options for individual training or shared training within a group. Circuit spots, core stability curriculum, and DrumFit program sets, are ideal options for schools or other group settings. You'll find activity sets and equipment from Hotspots, Dr. Curt Hinson, RAGE, and more.


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  • Aerobo - Circuit Poly Spots

    Item # 15546

    Price $80.75

    These fun spots get participants moving with easy-to-do aerobic exercises that are all based on...

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  • Core Fitness Jogger Mat

    Item # 80283

    Price $629.00

    This low-impact, high-resistance training mat is great for all of your athletes to use as a cardio...

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  • Fit - Spots Set

    Item # 14405

    Price $73.00

    Students with special needs achieve more success with visual instructions accompanied by verbal...

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  • FlagHouse Exercise Dome

    Item # 17711

    Price $96.25

    Use this all-in-one, versatile dome with the dome-side-up for strengthening core muscles or the...

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  • HotSpots™ Core

    Item # 14195

    Price $71.00

    Set up stations or circuits that work the core muscles of the body! Set contains 12 spots featuring...

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  • Partners Spots Set

    Item # 15391

    Price $71.00

    Participants work out together! Get both small and large groups active for warm-ups or use as...

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  • Pilates Spots Set

    Item # 15259

    Price $71.00

    Make Pilates a part of your exercise routines and fitness stations! Get both small and large groups...

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  • RAGE® Abmat

    Item # 19717

    Price $43.00

    The RAGE® AbMat will strengthen your entire core. A wonderful situp mat to perform perfect full...

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  • Running Parachute

    Item # 18359

    Price $29.25

    Help develop speed, stamina and strength! This billowing purple nylon parachute provides the...

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  • Smart Core Wheel™

    Item # 80374

    Price $117.00

    Strap your feet or grip the handles for a great core-focused workout. The Smart Core Wheel...

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  • Speed Chute

    Item # 18939

    Price $29.25

    Ultimate training device for improving speed, strength and resistance.The speed chute is used to...

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  • Stall Bar Mat

    Item # 80284

    Price $545.00

    Stall bar pad keeps your back aligned and provides padding to cushion and protect your body from the...

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