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Balance Boards & Disks for Exercise & FItness

Offer a fun and engaging way to improve balance and coordination with our selection of Balance Boards and Disks. Whether you're looking to enhance an existing play space or create an interactive, exploratory area, we feature a fun range of products from brands like Balanza and THERA-BAND. The popular Double Maze Balance Board is a two-sided changeable maze board with three balls to maneuver with either your hands or feet - you choose! We also carry rocking disks, balance boards, practice cheer stands, balance pads, and more.


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  • Boomer Board

    Item # 80367

    Price $335.00

    The Boomer Board is a fun and engaging way to improve your balance and body control. Greatly...

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  • Jungle Trail

    Item # 42489

    Price $399.00

    Create a path and take a walk through the jungle on these sensory-focused balance logs. The logs are...

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  • Bouncing Riverstone - Set

    Item # 42749

    Price $144.00

    Inspired by stepping stones in a river, this bouncing river stone features a soft base and a...

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  • Elite™ Cheer Stand

    Item # 80037

    Price $273.00

    This lightweight and portable device will help you practice at home or take it to the gym to...

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  • Airex Balance Pad XLarge - Blue

    Item # 43059

    Price $211.00

    The AIREX Balance Pad XLarge is twice as large as the Balance Pad Plus, permitting balance training...

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  • Rainbow River Stones

    Item # 42739

    Price $321.00

    Enhance motor skills and balance coordination while having fun. Activate tactile perception from...

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  • Rocking Bowl Green

    Item # 42624

    Price $251.00

    This oversized rocking bowl enhances balance development and improves gross motor coordination in...

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  • Whally Board

    Item # 42626 BLU

    Price $165.00

    Inspired by fish jumping out of water, young children will have hours of fun rocking and balancing...

  • Rocking Bowl Clear

    Item # 42623

    Price $302.00

    This oversized rocking bowl enhances balance development and improves gross motor coordination in...

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  • Round Seesaw

    Item # 42615

    Price $259.00

    This round seesaw amuses and delights while providing great balance challenges as it moves in all...

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  • Balanza® Ballstep®

    Item # 42297

    Price $277.00

    The air-filled ball at each corner makes this no ordinary balance board. Suitable for a wide...


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  • Balanza® Seesaw

    Item # 42296

    Price $554.00

    A wonderful portable seesaw to encourage movement, co-operative skills, social play and team work....

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