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Step up your cardio fitness with a trainer who knows all the right moves - Jackie Chan. With the XaviX Game Cartridge and wireless J-MAT, it's like you're in Jackie's fitness studio. Two "AA" batteries required (not included).

Step Lively: For those who want to enjoy an aerobic workout with Jackie Chan as their personal instructor! Choose between three levels of difficulty. Each level has 6 exercise times starting from as little as 5 minutes all the way up to 32 minutes, and there are a combination of 30 different fitness routines for each level. 90 overall!!

Vigorous Step: You can have fun and enhance your workout at four levels. The first three levels have 10 music choices each and the highest adds two more. In order to get to the highest level, Professional, you will need to complete all 10 routines at the Advanced level. In total, between all four levels, there are 32 different fitness routines. Jackie's Action Run: You will become Jackie Chan and travel through the streets of Hong Kong in a 5 minute workout which includes walking, running, jumping, squats and side-step. There are three levels to choose from.

Dash & Reflex: Dash and Reflex modes are designed so that you can test and improve your agility and reaction time.

Includes Xavix Game Cartridge and Wireless J-Mat Controller. Xavix Port is required, but not included; see Item W12927.